Consulting Services

Our professional project managers are more than leaders, always dedicated to making sure everything flows smoothly. They’re the ‘cherry on top’ to our team and help our partners and professionals see eye to eye when it comes to creating amazing web products.

When it comes to our team of professionals, you can rest assured that your web product, no matter how complex it might be, will meet and exceed your expectations.

Why, you may wonder?

Well, that’s quite simple: because each and every one of our team members is a passionate professional who won’t stop until everything is perfect.

It might seem too mainstream, but the truth always seems impossible.

Information Architecture

Without an appropriate IA, even the most compelling visuals, content or amazing UI designs – would fail. This is why, for us, the user-centred approach in design is a must. Therefore, organizing content so targeted users can easily find what they’re looking for  is a serious matter we don’t joke about. We take care of everything from wireframes, defining objectives, sitemap, workflow, technical specifications and more.

Technology & Server Selection

Each of our partners has specific needs and this is why we don’t stick to just one technology. We analyze each business and we recommend the best-suited solutions according to its specificity.