Real Estate Project Case Study


  • CRM Development
  • Design
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • SEO
  • Consulting Services

The Project

With over 8 years of experience, Blitz Imobiliare is the biggest real estate agency in Cluj-Napoca and one of the most influential real estate companies in Romania. They’ve managed to grow at a fast pace, due to their customer satisfaction approach, innovative techniques and dedication to meet and exceed their customers’ needs. This is why this project also showcases this real estate agency’s beautiful growth as a business and we’re proud that we could be part of such a beautiful experience.

We partnered with Blitz Imobiliare for a project to design their adaptive website and CRM development
which includes custom built modules that suit their business requirements.

As Blitz Imobiliare started to grow, so has the number of agents and information collected, so they needed a custom CRM development service to meet their changing business demands of keeping a huge database in just one place.

Also, their website didn’t fit their constantly changing business anymore, meaning they also needed a website redesign that better suited the new vision and direction.

The goal was to find an easier way to store all the information gathered and make it more accessible to everyone in the company and the end-users as well. Offers management, tasking, reporting, ease of access information or calendar, all bundled up in one place.

The Team

Our project team consisted of three back-end developers, three front-end developers, one UX designer, one UI Designer, a QA specialist, an SEO specialist, a product manager,
the CTO & CEO from our client’s side.

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Discovery & Research

Meetings 01

One of the most important steps for any project is meeting up with the client and understanding what their needs are in order to help them with the right solutions.

In this case, we had several meetings where we mapped out the project scope, we gathered knowledge about the market, information about what they wanted to do, what’s their target audience like and so much more.

These meetings, constant communication, brainstorming from both sides (because that’s what partners do), helped us understand their vision, and paved the way for a road full of creative ideas.

Architecture 02

After clarifying and understanding exactly what
is needed, we built up the information architecture
for each segment and started mapping out
user flows.

Prototyping & Testing

  • 4 Interviews

  • +49 Wireframes

  • 4 A/B Tests

  • 2 Prototypes (Desktop / Mobile)

  • 6 Iterations

  • +60 Detailed UI Screens


As you’ve probably figured out already, we divided the project into 2 main parts:

1. CRM – Important information
bundled up in one place

  • mobile optimized, as the agents are constantly on the field and they need to stay up-to-date with all the important information.
  • we helped them improve their work process with many personalized modules created for specific areas of the real estate industry.
  • custom client management system and easy offer management process.
  • team management systems and many other industry-specific automation procedures

2. Website – easy site

Website Admin – Highlights

  • adding new offers with multiple publishing options to help agents spare precious time.
  • easy page management, so any information on the website can be updated really fast, in accordance with the pace of the market.

User Interface – Highlights

  • Blitz Index – an innovative CRM module that helps any user verify market trends, in order to have an accurate idea of what’s happening on the market, or what’s the medium price for a certain type
    of property. It includes options like area or property types, so users can find out if a certain area is more profitable than others.
  • a useful home page that showcases the most important information for any client interested in a good real estate deal.

Website creation with SEO in mind

  • an awesome website should be more than beautiful graphics, or a catchy design. This
    is why we always focus on both main areas of SEO: the technical part and relevant content.
  • this way, you’re making sure that you’re delivering a complete experience on a website that doesn’t just look beautiful,
    but it’s also full of relevant content and
    is well optimized.



Another important step, even though we all tend to stick to the fun and creative part of the process, is an error prevention process.

What does it mean, you may wonder?

It’s quite simple, anyone can miss something along the way, and these small errors could eventually lead to dangerous situations, so what do we do? We create different scenarios for every step in the funnel (client and final user journey in this case) and we think about what could go wrong. In other words, you’re putting out a fire before it even ignites.

The error prevention process is basically a simple technique that helps remove or reduce the possibility of making a mistake.

Detailed UIs

When we started working on the design process, we already had a clear idea of what was needed: a minimalist design, very clear, making the content stand-out and easy to follow by any user.

Therefore, each page has the most important information and the most appealing visuals at the top, so the user can easily find what he’s looking for.


As mentioned before, we chose to develop an adaptive design, thus creating two separate designs: one for the desktop version of the website and another for the mobile one.

Why Choose Adaptive Design?

Dynamic Serving is the perfect combo between responsive web design and a separate mobile website, it also delivers a better performance when it comes to page speed.

After a thorough research on Blitz Imobiliare users’ behaviour online, we found out that most of them were using their phones to find properties.

It was obvious that they needed a fast loading page, therefore, the right choice was adaptive design, so we went on with it.


  • Client meetings

    Constant communication are the key to
    a perfect collaboration.

  • Error prevention phase

    A ‘must’ to avoid dangerous situations
    or errors.

  • Create a website with SEO in mind

    Always remember: an awesome looking website is not enough!

  • Stay flexible

    Always listen to what your client wants and don’t say no to something you might think you can’t do. New things might look scary at first sight, but this is the only way you can get better: by learning new things
    and experimenting.

  • Know your clients

    No matter the project, always keep in mind that you are basically trying to help, so create with your target client in mind.

  • User testing

    Never forget that you are creating a helpful tool, so it’s vital to find out how real users use the system in order to offer an awesome experience.

Final Thoughts

Since the website’s launch at the end of 2017, Blitz Imobiliare has continued to grow and develop, receiving multiple awards during renowned events in the business.

At the Real Estate Professionals Gala, an important event held each year in Bucharest, Blitz Imobiliare was awarded the following:

  • The Strongest Real Estate Agency in Cluj
  • The Strongest Brand in Cluj
  • The Strongest Online Presence
  • Continuous Investment in Professionalism


This is an example of how custom software solutions can help you with industry-specific requests. Find out more about custom development solutions and visit our designated page.