Custom Development

Custom development

A great website or web application means so much more than a beautiful design or just a fast-loading website.

‘You can’t have it all’ is the saying, but when it comes to delivering digital experiences, ‘having it all’ is a must. Today’s users are expecting nothing but the best, this is why developing fast websites and web applications that are easy-to-use and deliver truly engaging experiences is the best way to represent your company or business. 

When your digital product is live, you might think it’s all done and good. But keep in mind that constantly improving the loading speed is the only way to make sure you stay on top. From reporting to multichannel support, product integrations, task automation and everything else in between, we’re dedicated to delivering the right custom development or digital solutions for your business.

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Product Strategy and Roadmap Planning

We’re all in from product vision, setting up product goals, creating real milestones, all of which translate into product strategy, thus outlining the desired future state of a product. We combine it with the necessary tactical steps that a roadmap planning offers, helping us achieve our goals and vision.

Application Design

We simply love challenges! And when it comes to designing applications for mobile and desktop devices, every project has its perks. Our main focus is to transform our partner’s requirements into amazing wireframes and app design concepts that help them visualize user experience and of course, test interaction models.

Application Development

Off-the-shelf web apps might seem tempting, especially when you really need that app, like, yesterday. But, software packages have general features which could eventually limit your constantly evolving business. This is why choosing customized solutions on a do-it-yourself platform that grows along with you is the best solution for your business’s specific needs.

Application Support and Maintenance

We’re in it for the long run! And after the development of any application, our maintenance team is here to make sure that the application is easy to use, has a flexible operating system and agile methodology, solving any technical issue and ensuring the smooth functioning of the entire process. We’re always making sure that there are no other problems that might interrupt the functionality of the application post its development and keeping it up-to-date with the latest technologies or updates.


For more than 13 years now, we’ve created customized solutions for several platforms on mobile, desktop and web. This is why we’ve managed to grow and evolve, now covering a wide array of technology solutions which include:

PHP, Zend Framework, Laravel, WordPress, Magento, MySQL, Maria DB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Javascript, VUE JS, NUXT, PWA, Angular JS, React and Grunt.

Custom software development

Custom development means you’re actually getting exactly what you are looking for: a custom software solution that perfectly matches your business. No more extra modules that you do not use or need. Custom software development or custom development solutions are the right choice for a business that is looking for business management software, web development or application development with integration support and maintenance.   

We offer custom software solutions using the latest technologies to help our partners with automation processes by delivering secure custom development services.