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Custom Content Management System Development

We create state-of-the-art content management systems (CMS) to effortlessly manage your web content and automate business processes to save time and be more productive as a company. Custom CMS solutions are excellent for medium to large companies as they can fit a wide range of industry-specific features, are scalable and very versatile. Unlike a shelf solution, custom development will cover all your business requirements, can be integrated with other software solutions you already have, enhances customer experience, and improves the effectiveness of your customer service and marketing team while accelerating the sales processes and workflows.

Custom Customer Relationship Management Development

We develop customer relationship management (CRM) systems tailored entirely around the core of your business to ensure business growth. Refrain from stumbling blocks with a custom CRM development to manage your customer base and customer interaction to satisfy their needs before they know about them. Your sales teams can better analyse the sales pipeline and guide prospective customers further into the sales funnel with cross-selling or up-selling opportunities. Unlike shelf software, a custom CRM development solution has a framework capable of maximising customer lifecycle value as the sales managers have a complete overview of customer insights and their interaction with your business in an organised and comprehensive way.

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CMS & CRM Development

We empower businesses with seamless, data-driven customer experiences through customised CSM and CRM development.

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    Creation of Systems from scratch

    We create CMS and CRM solutions from scratch tailored to your business needs. This process requires a deep understanding of web development, databases, and user experience design. Our team will design the database structure, will develop the user interface, will integrate the needed technologies, and will thoroughly test the system.

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    Custom Plugin Development and Third-Party Integrations

    We develop custom plugins to create additional functionalities for CMS or CRM software. We will also take care of third-party integrations to connect your system with other applications or services that help your business operations. Our development teams take into consideration compatibility and security while performing these actions.

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    Customization and Migration of existing systems

    We take care of the customisation and migration of CMS and CRM solutions to meet specific business needs. If you need additional features for your system, we will make sure that they are compliant with your requirements. If you need to migrate your existing system, we will carefully plan and execute the data and make sure it is transferred accurately and securely.

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    In-depth Optimization and System Upgrades

    We provide in-depth optimisation for CMS and CRM development, ensuring that we improve your system’s performance and capabilities. We take care of everything from reducing page load times, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing security to installing new software versions or patches to fix bugs and adding advanced features, so your systems run smoothly.

High Quality Services and Innovative Solutions for Reliable Growth.

CRM Capabilities

A customer relationship management system improves a business’s ability to manage customer interactions,
have an in-depth overview of their data in real-time, and strengthen the relationship between the clients and the
company in a centralised and organised manner.

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    Contact Management

    We implement key features such as storing, managing and tracking interactions with clients and potential customers. Information such as name, email address, phone number, address, demographic details, appointments, reminders, behaviours, etc., are centralised and organised for better segmentation and personalisation.  

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    Sales Automation

    We enable tools that make the sales process easier while the sales team can manage client interactions and monitor the sales pipeline more efficiently. We can automate manual tasks such as data entry, follow-ups and reminders, letting sales representatives focus on more valuable activities such as closing deals and building relationships.

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    Marketing Automation

    We set up additional features and tools to automate and streamline the marketing process. Your team can plan, execute and track marketing campaigns, including email marketing, social media, and advertising. Marketing automation provides a personalised user experience, improving user engagement and conversion rate.

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    Customer Service and Support

    We build critical tools to manage customer inquiries, issues and complaints. Additional features such as case management, automated response templates, collaboration tools for various business departments, analytics, etc., are available to customer service and support teams to improve user satisfaction and build customer loyalty.  

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    Analytics and Reporting

    We implement analytics and reporting into our CRM development to give businesses in-depth insights into customer interactions and performance. You can make data-driven decisions that drive business growth based on a deeper understanding of user behaviour, preferences, advanced sales analytics, marketing activities, etc.

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    Mobile Accessibility

    We develop a mobile app or a mobile-responsive design that allows you to access your CRM software on the go. Mobile accessibility improves productivity, enhances collaboration, and increases user engagement and sales. We focus on creating a user-centric design with a responsive interface, secure data storage and synchronisation.

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    Integration with Other Systems

    We ensure your CRM solution can be integrated with other platforms such as marketing automation, eCommerce software, customer service systems, and other third-party solutions. This ability allows your organisation to share data, automate processes and improve the overall customer experience.  

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    Collaboration and Team Management

    We create key capabilities of CRM development that facilitate communication and coordination between team members and different business departments so each individual knows exactly where a client is in the sales funnel. With a collaboration and team management feature, your employees will drive growth, conversions and satisfaction.

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    Lead Management

    We enable vital features such as lead management that help businesses to track and administrate leads through features that allow activities such as lead capture, lead nurture, lead qualification, conversion tracking and sales forecasting. Your sales team will get complete input on clients and potential customers, track and analyse the data, all in one place.

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    Workflow Automation

    We implement a robust workflow automation capability to streamline repetitive tasks such as lead follow-ups, sales deal progression, and customer service requests. Automating time-consuming tasks enhances user experience and provides a centralised view of interactions while your team can focus on high-value activities.

CMS Capabilities

A content management system strengthens an online business presence by enhancing website functionality and
facilitating the management of the digital content process, making it easier to keep content up–to–date and
relevant for the target audience.

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    Content management

    We build an easy-to-use and intuitive centralised platform where internal teams can create, edit, and publish digital content. You can keep your website pages and blog posts up-to-date, constantly posting fresh and relevant content, images, videos and other media files.   

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    User management

    We ensure the capability of controlling and managing the access of multiple users and implementing various permission levels. This feature allows you to delegate proper user roles to ensure the security of sensitive information and authorise access to particular parts of the website.

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    Media management

    We implement media management tools so your media files, documents, and audio files can be stored and managed from a centralised place. This key feature improves the streamline of media asset organisation and enhances the website functionality.

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    Templates and themes

    We enable templates and themes and customise them to create eye-candy website pages that engage visitors immediately. We will match your website's style to your branding to provide a consistent look and feel across the website pages.  

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    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    We ensure that your CMS solution has the necessary SEO fields so you can customise the meta attributes, page titles, descriptions, and URLs to target specific keywords and phrases. SEO is critical for online businesses to improve their online presence and visibility.  

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    Analytic and reporting

    We provide integration with analytics and reporting tools to ensure you get full access to valuable insights into website traffic tracking and user behaviour. You can analyse and measure the performance of various pieces of content and how users interact with your website.

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    Integration with Other Systems

    We ensure your CMS solution can be integrated with eCommerce platforms for a smooth shopping experience, with marketing and advertising tools to get a comprehensive overview of your marketing campaigns and other software such as CRMs, project management systems and others.    

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    Multi-language support

    We implement multi-language support for your CRM software to quickly translate and manage your website's content in various languages. We will integrate a user-friendly translation management interface for improved accessibility, increased engagement and boosted SEO.

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    Mobile responsiveness

    We build mobile responsive CMS solutions to ensure your target audience can easily access your website on their mobile devices. The CMS software will dynamically adjust to any screen size, providing the same experience regardless of the smartphone or tablet model. 

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    We develop scalable CMS solutions that grow and expand as your business needs change over time. We implement new features, integrations, and additional functionalities based on your new goals. Your CMS will grow at the same pace as your business.

Businesses that benefit most from CMS and CRM solutions

CMS and CRM solutions accommodate any business that deals with a high volume of customer interactions, requires hands-on digital content management, needs to unify sales processes and customer relationship management, or wants to reduce manual labour by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.


Our well-thought proccess

  • Understand business

    We will have a meeting to discuss your business needs and goals. To create custom CMS and CRM solutions, we first must have a deep understanding of the processes and requirements involved. For CRM development, we need to define the process of managing clients' data (contact information, sales history, communication, etc.). For CMS solutions, we need to determine the requirements for creating, managing, and publishing content.

  • Build the architecture

    After clarifying the project requirements, we start building the architecture by prioritising focus areas and user flows. We will design and implement the database structure for CRM solutions to store the clients' data neatly and accurately. We design and implement the database structure for CMS development to store the content.

  • Prototypes & UX/UI Design

    We focus on developing the user interface and the product's functionality to provide an engaging user journey. For the CRM development, we will focus on how the interface feels when users interact with the system, while for the CMS development, we will focus on how administrators and editors manage the content. Furthermore, we blend eye-candy visual elements with the product's features and functionalities to guarantee a smooth and flawless experience for employees and customers.  

  • Development

    Our development team will bring your product to life, and you can fathom how your digital product will look, feel and function. We will integrate relevant technologies such as emails, SMS, and payment gateways for CRM solutions and implement security features to protect customer data. For CMS development, we implement a template system that defines the visual presentation of the content and integrate the needed technologies, such as security and SEO features, media management, and version control.

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

    We will implement a quality assurance plan for your software and identify bugs, inconsistencies or vulnerabilities. Moreover, we will test your solution through market and A/B testing, multivariate testing, usability and user flow testing. Both CMS and CRM solutions are thoroughly tested, and we will make the necessary improvements.

  • Post-release support
    & maintenance

    We can keep your solution working neatly after its release. We can help you with further performance and functionality improvements, fix bugs when necessary and keep it away from security vulnerabilities.

Dedicated and professional development team right at your disposal.

What influences our cost

The final price of our custom software development depends on plenty of criteria from project to project. You can find the main elements that influence the total cost down below:

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    Team Composition

  • icon team size

    Team Size Required

  • icon project duration

    Project Duration

  • icon speciality level

    Speciality Level

  • icon project complexity

    Project Complexity

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    Cooperation Model

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Why CRM & CMS Development with Flowmatters

We build robust CMS and CRM solutions from scratch, or we can help you identify and apply custom functionalities to your existing environment to improve business performance and customer satisfaction.

  • icon clock High responsiveness

    We provide dependable service and swift response times, which is vital in addressing issues or finding solutions.

  • icon proven Proven experience

    We have been building strategic partnerships with different industries for almost two decades. We provide our clients with a combination of cutting-edge technologies and industry-specific knowledge to help them reach their goals. Throughout this time, we have supported numerous companies surpassing their obstacles and having remarkable outcomes. 

  • icon business Business-oriented thinking

    We are committed to ensuring that the project launch will add value to users, stakeholders and your business. Our goal is to create and deliver top-quality CMS and CRM development solutions, allowing your business to reach its full potential.

  • icon technical expertise Technical expertise

    Our talented and committed development team will ensure that your custom CMS and CRM solutions have optimal performance and add value to your business. Our developers bring an average of 5 years of technical knowledge to the table, so your project is in reliable hands.

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It makes no difference where our partners are around the world – we’re always one call away.

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As a full-service digital agency, we take pride in delivering top-notch development solutions, creative designs and everything else in between.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Custom development for CRM software is perfect for medium to large enterprises that need to automate processes, need strong customer relationships, need different users or employee access to protect important data or those who are tired of the software limitations of a ready-made CRM application. A custom software solution is built specifically for your company's needs and will only include software features that help your business develop and grow.

  • From business analysis to the actual CMS and CRM development, quality assurance, error prevention, data migration and production rollout.

  • Even though it might look more expensive than an already-built CRM software, in the long run, custom development services are actually more accessible because you don't have to pay memberships or regular fees and the platform belongs to you. Based on your project complexity, the development time may be different, therefore the software development cost may vary depending on what you need. You will receive a price offer based on your requirements so you will know exactly what to expect.

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