CMS & CRM Platforms

Why not customize and track everything?

Your business is important to us and this is exactly why we consider the idea of adapting your workflow to software limitations just wrong.

We are determined to offer you solutions exclusively built upon your company’s needs:

  •  a five-star content management system (CMS) for effortlessly managing your web content
  •  a customer relationship management (CRM) entirely tailored around the core of your business

Tech-savvy or not, your CMS should fit your needs

If you have a website, you are already using a CMS, which is basically the central hub from where you create and manage the entire content. We just want to make sure that it looks great, it’s easily accessible and it can accommodate everything you want to sell. 

Then again, we have a skilful team that can bring about or customize a top-notch CMS in compliance with your clear-cut business goals in mind. However, that’s usually part of an earlier stage that is rarely neglected all the way.

CRM and the stumbling blocks without it

On the other hand, a CRM will come later in the process, as you start having a solid client base and customer interaction. Bear in mind that the more data you have about your customers and prospects, the better you can serve them and satisfy their needs before they even know about them. That means a significant increase in sales which usually leads to a 5x-8x return on investment.

So make sure you invest in valuable features like:

  • automating tasks
  • custom reports 
  • easily tracking the right data 
  • multichannel support 
  • other industry-specific modules that help you sell smarter, better and faster

Otherwise, chances are that you miss some cross or up-selling opportunities by neglecting analytics, profiling and assessing customer satisfaction, just to name a few. 

Not to mention, you could avoid attracting new customers via campaign management tools. In other words, you need to make sure you have a framework capable of maximizing customer lifecycle value because your competitors can and will go for sophisticated CRM initiatives.

Let’s do this the right way!

We have been in the custom CRM development business for a while now and we love the creativity and benefits of our clients by means of this process. In practical terms, our mission is to build you a robust CRM from scratch or simply help you identify and apply custom functionalities to your existing CRM environment. 

That can mean anything from pipeline stages to custom fields because you need custom solutions for your specific business, not the other way around. 

Only then will you be able to fully manage and grow your business by streamlining your sales process, accessing insightful analytics and keeping your database both organized and searchable.