Mobile Solutions & PWA

Using mobile devices and having access to the web has become an important part of our lives. Everything you need is right there in your hand or bag. So, why shouldn’t your business be there as well?

We know that being present and constantly checking your business data, or tracking your inventory is an important aspect of your professional life. This is why having access to your business at all times means practically gaining time and customers. A bad review can be solved in minutes, turning it into a positive experience for the user and any other urgent situation can be tracked and resolved quickly, without a major negative impact on your business.

Mobile Solutions

We are dedicated to offering our expertise to produce stable and safe mobile solutions. We’re all in from prototyping to design and implementation, full web development and going strong with support and maintenance. 

When it comes to business specifics, we are committed to providing the best custom mobile solutions for our partners, including:

  • Business analysis models
  • Mobile design and development
  • Building with AMP
  • Development and design for both native and cross-platform mobile apps
  • Adaptive and responsive designs

Progressive Web Apps

What if you could offer your clients a deeply engaging experience as soon as they’ve landed on your website, regardless of the network state? 

As you probably know already, it is more difficult to access a website on a mobile device, because typing an URL is a lot harder than tapping on a home screen icon. And mobile apps have an amazing user experience, but they require installing them on mobile devices. This is a time-consuming process as it includes looking for the app and installing it.

The great thing about native apps is the fact that they have access to useful features like push notifications and icons on the home screen, making them very accessible and natural at the same time. 

But what if you could give users a native-like experience with all the benefits of an app, directly from the web and without having to install such apps on mobile devices? 

This is where Progressive Web Apps or PWA come in handy. Besides the fact that they offer a truly engaging experience, they also offer a new and higher level of quality which makes them worthy to be placed on a user’s home screen. And all this happens straight from the browser, without ever having to see the “face” of an app store.

What’s more, besides the fact that PWA’s are reliable, fast and deeply engaging, they are also safe, indexed by search engines, discoverable through URL’s and are able to work offline.

Therefore, if you are looking to decrease the website’s dropdown or abandon rate, offer an engaging experience and all in all, take your website to the next level, then a PWA is definitely your choice of service.