Chateau Secretary Case Study


  • UX/UI Design
  • Cosulting Services
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • SEO

The Project

Why choose random hotels, when you can rent a castle? Chateau Secretary is a triumph of historic charm combined with rustic elegance and modern comfort.

Boasting stylishly furnished rooms with a delightful rural view, this unique accommodation can cater for the most sophisticated tastes. As a result, we teamed up to make the best out of this exquisite project.

Creating a drop-dead gorgeous website for a luxurious travel destination can become quite a tough row to hoe. It’s a remarkably smooth process of blending minimalism with a stunning design and maximum utility. And of course, we had to balance it with the business needs.

Our plan was to focus on a rather simple and easy to browse structure in order to provide a seamless UX for visitors. This would enable better conversions and thus the stunning images of the holiday destination would speak for themselves.


The Team

A website representing a grand heritage building not only required a visually engaging front-end, but also a powerful back-end to render the necessary data and information in an immediate and meaningful way. Add a talented designer, a skilled tester, a project manager for a smooth planning process and great support from the client. That’s how we ended up with the recipe for a successful project: a front-end developer, a back-end developer, a designer, a project manager, a QA specialist

Discovery & Research


We like to empower our clients when it comes to updating content, so when Chateau Secretary approached us, we seized the opportunity to develop a custom WordPress theme that enabled them to always keep their customers updated without a hitch. This meant a website that was easy to use behind the scenes as it was for the end user.

By means of the custom WordPress module, the communication with customers has considerably improved and features like online or offline reservations and price adjustments have turned into a no-brainer.


We didn’t just make the website usability easy as pie for both the client and the end-user. Our minimalist and photographically-driven approach enabled a sophisticated user experience.

Therefore the flow of the site can be experienced in a way that naturally generates conversions.