Why Choosing a Web Agency that Offers Digital Consulting Services is Important?

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With user experience being in the spotlight for a few years now, having a broken, low-performance website will slowly but surely kill your online business. The online environment is not slowing down and users become more demanding in terms of web performance. A web agency that offers digital consulting services will help you achieve the highest business performance. A well-designed, flawless website, with intuitive and easy user navigation, qualitative and relevant content, will impress the audience and will convert it into customers. Besides, websites are the backbone of digital marketing strategies.     

In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of a strong online presence, the purpose of a digital consulting agency, and why you should consider hiring a consulting team of experts to be ahead of your competition.

The Importance of a Strong Online Presence

Importance of a Strong Online Presence

An online presence is crucial for any business nowadays because 81% of people search online for products and services. Not being there for your target audience, means you are killing your business from the start. 

Having a website is not sufficient for guaranteeing your success. Many factors contribute to business growth and achieving your business goals. Ask yourself: Is your website designed to drive conversions? Does it match your brand? Does your website need improvements in terms of speed performance, UX/UI, SEO (search engine optimization), content, etc.?

We strongly recommend hiring a digital consultant agency to reach peak performance, improve brand awareness, increase ROI (return of investment), and offer an outstanding user experience that will lead to customer loyalty. 

We can help you with the following digital consulting services to stay ahead of your competition, follow all best practices, and achieve your business goals: 

  • Consulting Services for Technology and Server Selection – all businesses have specific requirements and needs. We are a team of experts in a wide variety of technologies. We will analyze your business and recommend the best-suited solutions according to your specificity. With the right implementations, you will ensure the best website performance which will improve customer experience, and increase the conversion rate.
  • Consulting Services for Information Architecture – with an appropriate IA, your website will deliver a smooth customer journey and will increase the conversion rate. Having a user-centred approach in your design will transform your website into a powerful selling tool and an increased ROI. We take care of wireframes, sitemap, technical specifications, defining objectives, and more. 
  • SEO Consulting – with a rock-solid search engine optimization strategy you are going to stay on top of your competition. Responsive design, relevant and qualitative content, page speed, secure site, optimized images, are the key in high rankings, good website authority, and attracting organic traffic. We always follow best practices and white hat techniques to ensure a healthy website growth.
  • Social Media Marketing – creating a social media presence will help you with user engagement and establishing a strong brand identity. Reaching your target audience will increase brand awareness, will help you promote your products or services, create an online community, and keep your business relevant.   

Who Are Digital Consulting Agencies?

Digital consultants are industry experts on online visibility and best practices with the know-how about everything related to the creation of a website that converts in no time, best practices about web design and website redesign, how to implement digital marketing strategies that increase website traffic, conversions, and ROI. 

Consultants can help you with everything you need for your digital presence to drive profitable results, achieve your business goals, and reach your business targets.    

You can hire a consulting agency any time, at the beginning phase of your web design, or even when you already have a web design ready. They can interfere at any time in the presence of an online brand development process.  

What Is The Role of Digital Consultants?

The Role of Digital Consultants

Consulting experts offer business owners advice and they help clients meet their business goals. Their advice can differ based on the business development phase. When potential customers come in with no website and no presence online, the role of a consultant is to provide a full understanding on the levels of web presence and the level of results obtained based on the choices the client makes. Another scenario may be a client that is already online but has issues with marketing strategies and driving results. In this case, a digital consultant will advise on future actions and changes that can be done to achieve the wanted results. The third possibility is when a client comes in with just an online website created by another developer and web designer. In this case, a consultant will provide advice for business strategies and include various marketing strategies.    

When it comes to meeting business goals, a digital consulting firm will help with the overall web strategies. Based on the client’s goals, they might need help with creating a website. Here, the consultant will help with the concept creation and website building to achieve the client’s marketing and business targets.

Another situation where a consultant’s advice is needed is for advertising a website. A digital consultant will help you choose the right tools and channels that fit your business niche the best and achieve the wanted results. 

Creating a brand identity is another situation in which a consulting agency might be needed. The process of brand identity refers to how you present your business to the world. It includes the logo, the feel of your brand, colour scheme, the tone of your communications, etc. The role of a consultant will be to create a brand identity that speaks to your target audience. 

SEO copywriting based on user intent is another way a consultant can help you with. It is crucial to have relevant and interesting content on your website. A well-done content strategy will reach your target audience and will encourage users to convert into buyers. 

Paid advertising to reach your target sales benchmarks. A consultant will recommend and help implement paid campaigns such as pay-per-click (PPC), social media and content marketing, SEO campaigns, and many more. 

Why Do You Need Digital Consulting Services?

The Need of Digital Consulting Services

Hiring a digital consulting agency will bring you a lot of benefits and we consider this to be a very smart option for your business. You will have a team of industry experts with the same purpose: to develop or improve your business strategy and to drive the best results for your company. 

Here are 8 main reasons why choosing an agency for digital consulting services should be a priority for you: 

  • Digital transformation – consultants will help you execute and implement the right digital strategy which will provide a smooth digital transformation journey, diminish risks, and convert the investment into innovation. A powerful and effective digital strategy needs expert technology, market, industry, and business capabilities. Digital consultants are specialized in developing and expanding business strategies based on data and analytics to achieve long-term success. Companies that choose to partner with digital consults are 356% more likely to succeed.   
  • High-converting sales – in this digital age, paid ads are the ones driving traffic and increasing sales. For every 1 $ spent on Google ads, you get 2 $ in revenue. Of course, Google is not the only way to advertise your business. This is why a digital marketing consultant will help you choose the right advertising channels that will bring you the most return of investment. A consultant can plan from start to finish an impactful ad campaign. He will also take into consideration aspects such as buyer persona, segmented audience, keywords, budget, duration, and will analyze the type of ads that best suit your business objectives. They can opt for social network ads, native advertising, video ads, etc. 
  • Relevant KPIs – you might have an idea of what KPIs are you going to follow based on your business model and marketing goals, but you might not know if you are making the right progress towards your goals. A digital consultant will help you in following the most relevant key performance indicators and metrics. Besides, you will measure and report on the performance of your business objectives and the consultant will direct you on choosing the right software and analytic tools. After establishing the right KPIs and tools, you can track your business growth and make the necessary adjustments to ensure your success. 
  • Innovation – working with digital consultants will help you keep your strategy fresh and up-to-date on the latest industry trends. They can come with top-notch ideas to drive business growth and align your business with the latest digital marketing trends on advertising, visual search, and interactive content. By implementing these ideas, you will have a competitive advantage that could have a massive impact on your customer experience and customer engagement. 
  • Multi-channel growth – omnichannel approach is necessary because people are coming into contact with your business at multiple touchpoints before deciding on making a purchase. By using multiple channels, you will reach more people. Consultants have experience in a wide range of online platforms and marketing activities, starting with SEO and going to email marketing and social media. Creating consistent campaigns across multi-channels relevant to your target audience will drive better results. 
  • Save time – as a business owner, you have a lot on your plate and rarely have time for extra tasks. That is why hiring a team of specialists that can take care of everything regarding your business online is a good idea. You will save time on employee training, strategy implementations, online marketing activities, website and campaign testing, campaign adjustments, and many more.
  • Save money – software development is not cheap, but hiring a digital consultant can save you money from the start. By having someone to create your custom software, web design, and develop your digital strategy overall, you don’t need to worry about how your business will be presented online, because everything will follow the best practices and will turn out exactly how you planned. We think that having an in-house digital consulting agency is the most cost-effective solution for your business.    
  • This is their speciality – you want the best for your business to achieve overall success. If you want to see real results for your online company, consultants are your best option. They are familiar with website design that generates leads, website development, and marketing strategies. 

Why Flowmatters Is a Great Option For Digital Consulting Services?

Flowmatters Team

We are a full-service agency offering a large variety of digital and consulting services. We focus on delivering the best results, no matter the industry. We have a great team of specialists that cover all areas of an online business, from custom development (CMS, CRM, and eCommerce) to application security, and digital marketing.

Our focus is on long term partnerships with our clients. We like to grow together, and help them in finding the right solutions for their business. Our portfolio is diverse and complex, and the results we managed to deliver speak for themselves.       

We always strive for improvement and deliver top-notch solutions for our partners. Give us a call or drop us a message and let’s plan the success of your business together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need consulting services?

A consulting agency can help you at any business stage or whenever you are struggling with business goals or development. 

What kind of consulting services are you offering?

We offer a full range of consulting services. From development (front-end and back-end), UX/UI design, to digital marketing, and branding services.

 How long does your consulting services last?

This depends on your project, needs, and scope.

What business problems does consulting solve?

Our consulting solutions are flexible. You can mix and match any aspect of your business needs. We are going to develop the perfect solution for you.