Top 5 Advantages of a Custom CRM Platform

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A powerful tool for any business is a custom CRM platform. By implementing a tailor-made customer relationship management system all your processes become more efficient, your company will grow and bloom. Besides that, you will also improve customer interactions, your employees’ productivity, and the overall workflow. 

In this article, we are going to share everything you need to know about a custom CRM platform, its advantages, and why you should consider implementing it. 

What is a Custom CRM Platform

Custom CRM Platform

A CRM platform helps your company with keeping clean, structured, and organized data related to customer relationship management such as notes, metrics, personal information, sales cycle, etc., all in one place. A custom CRM Platform is tailor-made for your company’s specific needs. Besides targeting different audiences, engaging a potential customer, sending out alerts on individual leads and customer’s activity, a custom CRM is designed to fit all departments of your company and ensure an incredible customer experience, ease the tracking and monitoring process, and increase the productivity of your teams.   

Custom CRM Development Features You Must Pay Attention To

Custom CRM Development Features

A reliable CRM platform is the base that will help you move forward to achieve your organization’s goals, no matter if you are a startup or a corporation. A custom CRM product is key for customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and sales automation. 

You can choose an off-the-shelf solution or custom development software, it really depends on your preferences and needs. There are a variety of vendors for off-the-shelf CRMs such as Salesforce or Zoho, but a custom CRM is going to add innovation to your business, its configuration will 100% fit your needs, it will encourage departments cooperation, will guarantee effectiveness, growth, profits, and increased ROI. Regardless of your decision, you must pay attention to some factors that make your CRM a powerful tool.

First, we recommend you give yourself some time to think about architecture. This includes the database, software, and dashboard. Architecture is a serious issue that will influence your decision because it is going to impact the quality of your services, customer satisfaction, and will let you integrate the new system with already existing tools. The database should allow real-time access from any device and location. The database must be centralized and have no problem displaying any requested piece of information at any given time. The software is the part that collects and processes information. You will use it for sales automation processes, unite and automate all the processes in a single application. We strongly recommend you invest in security measures to avoid and prevent any data breaches and leaks. The dashboard must be user-friendly and available to be accessed on both desktops and mobile devices. It should display all the information you need, be attractive, and contain visual elements.

The next step is to have business logic. This means allowing any system actions such as user registration confirmation. It should be easy and intuitive like a tap or a click on a button. For an already built software, the business logic is the same and very basic, but if you opt for a custom solution, you will have the option to define every single action and their combination. You can add any type of process such as client management, sales pipeline, edit client groups, allow or limit access to segmented groups and more. 

A custom solution gives you the freedom and power over the platform, so you include and exclude any issues you don’t need. Full customization offers the possibility to adjust and adapt the software according to your business operations, business environment, and business relationships. We recommend you choose a lightweight and user-friendly software that incorporates all your needs and can be easily integrated with third-party applications. We can deliver custom development solutions for all business sizes. You can read about one of our custom CRM projects here

What are the Top 5 Advantages of a Custom CRM Platform 

Top 5 Advantages of a Custom CRM Platform

A CRM software offers plenty of major benefits for businesses, no matter their sizes or types. It increases sales performance, return on investment, and helps enhance the user experience by forging stronger relationships with current customers and potential clients. A custom CRM software will step up your sales processes while keeping and improving the quality of your services. There are more benefits to this type of software and we are here to help you better understand how this solution will boost your business operations. Follow along for an in-depth explanation of the top five advantages of custom CRM software. 

1. Customer Relationships and Customer Services Improvement

Your customers are the most important factor for business success. They are the ones that dictate the financial health of your company. If you do your job right by offering them a smooth customer journey and flawless user experience both on mobile and desktop, you will build customer loyalty and they will become your brand promoters. Custom CRM platforms have an important role in making this happen by recording continuous feedback. This way, you can better understand the customer’s needs, preferences, and habits. Your sales reps will know exactly what to do to improve customer satisfaction.

Your customer CRM software is a powerful tool for the sales team to outreach their efforts and for your customer service team to solve customer issues more proactively. Customizing the dashboards based on your business processes saves time and makes your potential clients and current customers feel valued when your teams are proactive and insightful.

2. Better Sales Teams and Marketing Team Integration

Custom CRMs allow customer analysis and customer segmentation. Your marketing and sales teams can personalize their efforts and approach the customers with the right campaigns. This way, you will achieve the best results through marketing funnels and the sales funnel. Your teams must work together by joining their forces in offering consistent experiences across all communication platforms. Marketing departments and the sales department can work in alignment when they have access to all relevant real-time data. Customized CRMs allow you to create marketing and email campaigns based on customer segmentation. Depending on the stage of the customer’s journey, their interests, and user behaviour, marketers can create the most fitted campaigns to help the sales activities, increase client retention and customer engagement, identify new sales opportunities, and generate sales leads.     

3. Better Focus on your Sales Process

By implementing a custom CRM software, the automation process will eliminate the need to perform repetitive tasks and you will have more time to focus on what really matters to you: plan effective strategies focused on your active customers and potential clients. This system will allow you to focus on quality needs, reduce sales cycles, and improve conversion rates. Sales forecasting can be done easier based on customer history data, potential leads identification, sales opportunities, and returning customers. More than that, you can easily identify the pain points in your sales process such as unanswered emails or calls that are not followed up. 

You can also set up customer reward systems and personalized communications that will increase customer satisfaction, engagement, and sales. A CRM will offer you a 360-degree view of each customer from their first contact with your company to the end of the process. 

4. Customized Information Storage and Visual Dashboards 

Custom client relationship management software solutions are improving business performance and optimize organizational processes. All your information is stored in one place and all departments have access to them. Companies have issues with keeping data in different places, requiring different data access permissions. Giving the right access and data search process can be time-consuming and chaotic. By implementing a CRM, you will not use spreadsheets to manage your company anymore, and no more manual tasks for reports and graphic presentations. Now you can create different visual dashboards for every employee that has login credentials. Having all data at hand results in reduced time searching for information, increases productivity, and, for example, sales managers can focus only on the key performance indicators for their department such as calls per hour, lead generation, etc. The marketing director will be more interested in metrics for email marketing such as the click-through rate for each campaign. Custom dashboards allow wide customization on displaying the most important data for each type of user and improve the workflows.

5. Better Data Management and Results Tracking

Data Management and Results Tracking

Data is a very important part of a business and can be collected through several resources such as social media platforms, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, apps, business software, and CRM. It becomes relevant after it is segmented, cleaned, analyzed, and made actionable. 

A custom CRM system will help you go deeper with data and relevant metrics that make the collection and sorting easier to interpret thanks to its customised features. The biggest benefits of CRM platforms is that it allows you to see exactly who is interacting with your company and how, in terms of sales productivity, customer retention, etc. You can run reports to identify new opportunities, the level of engagement with leads and customers, trends in sales, customer service efficiency, etc. 

These types of reports can include any number of parameters, based on your business goals and the three stages in the sales funnel: leads, opportunities, and sales. The marketing team works with leads, a sales team with opportunities, and customer service with sales, but they overlap. The leads are consumers that showed interest in your company by filling a form, contacting you, etc, They can be high-quality leads or prospective customers. You can establish their role after they continue their customer journey. Custom CRM systems that work with artificial intelligence, will give you insights on how to work with leads to convert them into opportunities. The opportunities are leads that made their way further down into the sales funnel and are close to completing a purchase. The position of a customer in the sales funnel can be identified only through a CRM. The reports will show you which marketing activities are the most efficient in guiding leads to become opportunities, and in the end, buying customers. Sales refer to when a person converts and completes a purchase. Reports that include sales are important because you can identify and collect data prior to the purchase to create customer behaviour and habits pattern after purchase. These reports will reveal and help you understand your target audience better.  

Custom CRM systems offer you a better understanding of customers such as the exact element that was clicked from a sent email, how many times the email was open by the same person, how often a person spoke with a sales representative, their needs when contacting customer services, etc. 

Combined with the dashboards, reports will guide you on how to reach your audience faster and easier, how to communicate more effectively, and overall will help you with decision making, sales and marketing strategies. 

Our Expertise 

Our Expertise 

When it comes to custom CRM platforms our focus is to create software that is industry-specific and customized around the core of your business. Based on your idea and business needs, we are going to work together into achieving the best results. From task automation, custom reports, to multichannel support and industry-specific modules, we build the CRM that will fit your company like a glove.  

More than that, our approach is to leave room for growth, improvements, and more features that you might need over time. Your CRM system will grow with you and will adapt to your new business goals and needs, and not the other way around. 

One of our partners, which is an industry-leading company in real estate, needed a custom CRM that was going to allow them to keep a huge customer database in one place and to perfectly accommodate their changing business demands. The goal of the project was to store all the information gathered over the years, make it accessible to every employee, end-users, and every device. You can read more about how the whole process unwinded and what the results we delivered in this case study. Also, you can see our portfolio and read the reviews about our work from our previous partners here.     

We are a great choice to create and implement your custom CRM system because we are a top B2B company in Romania in the development category, we always make sure all your demands are met, the technologies we are going to use will perfectly fit your business model, and we have the know-how and skills to help you achieve the best results.      

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s better, an off-the-shelf CRM or a custom one?

That depends on your business needs and your evolution. If you are in a fast-paced business environment and your growth is massive, we recommend going for a custom solution. If your business goal is to stay small, then, an off-the-shelf solution is better.

What type of companies should use CRM systems?

Everyone! From startups and small-size companies to multinationals and corporations. No rule applies in this situation. 

How is a CRM going to improve my business?

A CRM will help in more than one category. According to Salesforce, a CRM implementation is going to improve customer satisfaction by 30%, lead conversions by 24%, and campaign effectiveness by 36%.

If I use other apps and platforms, can I integrate them with my CRM solution?

This depends. If you chose a custom solution, then, the answer is yes. If you chose an already built solution, then, you might encounter integration issues.