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In a market with fierce competition, to succeed you need more than an outstanding website that catches user’s attention. Consulting services play a major role in starting effective and engaging projects designed to thrive. With almost 380 new websites going live every minute, companies are frequently pushed away if they don’t offer the best user experience. 

In this article, we are going to give you an overview of digital consulting services, their types, and what benefits you get if you choose to collaborate with a digital consulting firm. Follow along to find out how you can improve your business. 

What Are Consulting Services?

This is a process of planning, implementing, and making sure that your application or website is on the right track for increasing the success rate. It can be applied to existing, in progress or new projects. We can split these services into development consulting services that refer to the technology, technical aspects, and functionalities you choose for your business idea. The purpose is to implement what platform best fits your project and make it unique. Business strategy is another important part where you might need help. The consultants will give you key information and insights about your target audience, your competition, and the features necessary for your product. The design is another crucial part you have to focus on to attract and engage your users. The design consultants will present you an analysis of your app or website’s current state, will make recommendations on how to improve user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and will offer advice on design elements that have an important role in the usability and attractiveness of your product. Lastly, but not least marketing consultants will help you improve your online presence and promote your brand efficiently among various online channels.   

Digital consulting services help businesses find improvement opportunities, implement the right tools, and make the best decision for a profitable business that will stay ahead of the competition.

How Are Web Consultants Going To Help You?

The role of digital consultants is to make sure your business achieves the best results and creates a powerful online image. They collaborate closely with your team by sharing their knowledge and making sure that any issues can be predicted and solved in the early stages, and they identify opportunities that will deliver a market-leading digital presence. Consultants will help you reach your business goals and will provide advice on multiple areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), information architecture, brand awareness improvements, brand management, content planning, will identify loopholes in your brand management, and will propose data-driven marketing strategies.   

Their field of expertise can go beyond design strategies and efficient application development. They are also experts in research, marketing, and analytics. 

By collaborating with a consulting firm, your business goals become reality, you will improve and healthily grow your business while saving time and money.  

What Are The Types of Web Consulting Services?

The consultants can have the right knowledge in every area, from development to SEO, or they can be specialized in one specific field. Web consultants are experts that collaborate with the business owner due to a lack of in-house technical expertise. The most wanted web consulting specialists offer development services and custom software development consulting, design consulting services, and digital marketing

Web development consultants are a team of experts that will assist you during the whole period of your development project. The development consultant will act as a part of your project team, working towards your company’s goals. The role of development experts is to choose the technology that best fits your business, to determine the site architecture, to supervise the quality of development, testing, launching, and scaling processes. These specialists have solid technical, problem-solving, and communication skills, and their purpose is to mentor and guide the in-house teams through the web development process and ensure its high-performance.  

Web design consultants are specialists in improving the journey and experience of site visitors while keeping your branding consistent. The design consulting process has both a creative and a technical approach and its purpose is to provide a consistent design. Normally, designers are collaborating with a company on short-term and they have flexible working hours because they are contracted only on individual projects. 

Digital marketing consultants are hired to perform an audit of the current situation of your online presence. Based on the findings and your current customer’s preferences and behaviours, they will create marketing strategies, coordinate project plans, collect data and prepare analytical reports. Furthermore, they will share their findings and ideas with you. They work with their clients to improve brand awareness and increase website visibility, attract new potential customers and site visitors, boost the search engines ranking, increase the company’s ROI (return of investment) and revenue.   

How Can Each Type of Consulting Improve Your Website? 

Based on the latest statistics from 2020, 90% of visitors will immediately leave a website if it has an outdated design. If this happens, more likely they will go directly to your competitors. The outcome of these actions will be a decrease in conversions and profit for you. We consider the user journeys to be the most important part of a web design. If their experience is not engaging and your website isn’t flawless, you only have to lose money and customers. 

To avoid any issue that can affect your website’s performance and user experience, we recommend you to consider web consulting services. 

A web development consultant will point out your website mistakes that need to be corrected at once. As many business owners go for designing their website to save more money, many mistakes in the UX/UI design will not go unnoticed and will result in reputation damages and losing potential customers. A consultant will highlight how you can solve cluttered content, misused stock photos, value proposing clarity, using copywriting content, simplifying website navigation, creating brand consistency, will provide advice on the overall improvement of your information architecture, technology, platforms, and server selection.

A web design consultant will make sure that your design is up-to-date and there is no open door to hackers. They will provide advice on website security, content improvements, they might recommend a website redesign, the removal of unnecessary or outdated plugins, and other actions to be taken to keep your website clean and fresh. 

Remember that a website is like a business card and it is the element that creates the first impression. Our recommendation is to make sure that everything runs smoothly and your users are happy with what they get. 

An SEO consulting service is in charge of the improvement of your business in organic search results. The SEO consultants will make sure that your site is SEO-friendly and it gets the traffic that is supposed to get. Google’s algorithm is pretty complicated when it comes to organic search rankings and might be a challenge, as there are over 200 factors that are taken into consideration. The consultants are skilled people with rock-solid knowledge about the latest SEO updates and trends. They can help clients improve their website and solidify their position on the search engine results page (SERP). Therefore, you will receive advice on improving the page speed and website loading time, removing any black hat links, optimizing your keywords, making sure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly, and it will suggest a strategy to improve website authority and getting quality backlinks.  

Who Needs Consulting Services?

There is no limit on industry or company size when it comes to web consulting services. Our advice is to take a look at your organization’s structure, even if it’s a startup, a small, but promising business or even a corporation, and identify the knowledge gaps. If you don’t want to employ experts, we strongly recommend you to invest in a team of consultants that will help you reach your target audiences, turn visitors into customers, find solutions to increase website traffic, make sure that your website has an attractive design, and overall you have a market-leading online presence.

If you own a small business a web consultant can help you with branding: making sure that consistency is kept on all your communication channels, website, and offline materials; advertising: your products or services can be presented to your online audience more attractively and engagingly; website: your site will have an expert web design that perfectly fits your business goals and user’s needs. We helped one of our partners with his branding identity and we created a user friendly and eye-catching website that emphasises the beauty of our client’s work. You can read the full case study here

eCommerce websites are the most rapidly evolving businesses and the competition in this industry is fierce. To stay on top of your competitors, you can hire a consultant with strong knowledge of advertising and eCommerce website development. Businesses in this industry must choose their consultants with care, as they need the best ones to thrive. What we did for a partner in the fashion industry was to design and implement a responsive, fully functional, user-friendly custom development and develop a powerful digital marketing strategy (email marketing and social media). Read more about our approach and the results here.  

Even if you have a personal website, or intent to build one, a consultant can provide the full range of advice. 

Corporations and multinational companies, usually have their own web consultants, but we think that hiring a consulting agency will help them achieve better results.   

Today’s online environment is full of strong competitors. A poor design, a weak website functionality, a lack of security, web maintenance, and marketing efforts are the most common mistakes that kill a business from the start.

This will be the main reason why you should consider hiring a partner that can provide expert opinions to increase your business performance.

Why Should You Consider Collaborating With Us?

In a highly competitive environment, with hundreds of websites going live every day, reaching your target audience has become more difficult. This is the reason why many businesses cannot survive in this market. We believe that for growing your brand and surpassing your competition, you should consider partnering with a digital agency that will help you with the development of a user friendly, highly functional, and eye-candy website, as well as efficiently advertising it across the channels where your audience is.  

To achieve peak performance we highly recommend you to invest in consulting services. With our experience in the digital environment, our diverse portfolio, and our expertise in various fields, we can help your business achieve the success it deserves. 

We offer the full package of services, from skilled developers, creative UX/UI designers, organized project managers, to visionary digital marketers. We were named top Romanian B2B company in 2020 by Clutch and you can read more reviews from our previous clients here

Contact us and let’s give your business the attention and care it deserves.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a consulting company?

What we recommend is to do research, look at their portfolio, contact the ones that you like the most, and from there, see with which one you connect the most. In these types of projects, we consider communication to be the key to a fruitful collaboration. 

Is it worth it to invest in consulting services?

Our answer is YES. When you have a consultant, your money will be invested in actions that will guarantee your ROI and the growth of your business. 

What can a consultant bring to my business?

We say value and important advice. Based on the fact that a consultant knows everything that happens in the online environment, the latest trends, changes, etc. he or she can help you implement the latest and best practices in your industry. 

What are the benefits of web consulting?

To keep it short: increased conversions, innovation, meaning, business growth, and digital transformation. We wrote this article that is more focused on the benefits.